Jane Kheel Stanley

attorney, writer and philanthropist

Stanley currently serves as a board member and vice president of the Nurture Nature Foundation, a multi-million dollar nonprofit dedicated to resolving the intensifying conflict between the critical goals of environmental protection and economic development. Nurture Nature Foundation (NNF) was founded by Stanley’s father, labor lawyer Theodore Kheel, in his later years, and was funded for two decades by Kheel’s largesse until his death in 2010 at the age of 96. Stanley has sought to continue the work Kheel began, using funds he donated over his lifetime to complete projects he began and further the mission he articulated of promoting protection of the environment while simultaneously encouraging economic development.

With over three decades of legal practice and writing in the area of pension and welfare law, Stanley has been able to contribute to the reform many aspects of NNF’s legal organization, including tax code compliance, relationships with affiliates, and real estate matters. She has also played an important role in directing NNF’s program work, including its transit campaign, which focused on raising consciousness of the need for low cost mass transit to reduce traffic congestion in city environments. Her efforts in that area included formulating public outreach strategies and targeting resources for the development of the acclaimed “Balanced Transportation Analyzer,” work that has provided an underpinning for broader reform efforts and has been recognized as far abroad as China.

Subsequent to joining the NNF Board in 2006, Stanley founded the Nurture Nature Center (NNC) in Pennsylvania, a sister nonprofit to NNF that has become a leading voice nationally in communication of risks associated with flooding, and that also maintains a thriving center devoted to community education on environmental issues and risks.

In connection with her non-profit work, Stanley has served since 2008 as president of Easton Hotel Restoration. Easton Hotel Restoration was responsible for salvaging an abandoned building in downtown Easton Pennsylvania, which it converted during Stanley’s tenure into the Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel, bringing new life to that city, which went from a federally recognized distress zone to a thriving municipality with an A plus bond rating during the period. Stanley also serves on the executive board of the Eastonian Condominium Association, a related organization.